Our strength!

With the purpose of helping you achieve your objectives, we have put together a team with extensive experience working in the higher education industry to ensure we assist you in the best way possible throughout your journey to success.

Father of 2, I am an entrepreneur, investor and education enthusiast.

Andre Rosendo


Maike is one of the Co-founders of Vermilion Group. Her goal is to ensure the best relationship and synergy with all our partner universities. At the same time, she is always looking for new opportunities to grow internationally.

Maike Tils

Co-founder and Director of International Relations

François is translating the group’s vision into concrete action plans and making sure that all teams are committed to our global goal: changing lives and helping students reach their full potential.

François Vielhescaze

Executive Director - Mobility

Vasco´s goal is to secure the functionality of all businesses to drive extensive and sustainable growth while he serves, motivates, and provides guidance to the team.

Vasco Ramos

Operations Manager

João is the thinking head of our sales team, motivating and supporting our advisors worldwide so they can provide the best service possible, and no student is left behind !

João Cacelas

Head of Sales

Raquel is the Head of applications, the team that is responsible for revising the students’ documents and submitting the applications to universities. This also implies that Raquel is in charge of boosting their courage to take a leap of faith.

Raquel Sousa

Applications Officer

Eduardo links Vermilion Group’s companies with partner universities. He has many years of experience in Higher Education, having worked on both agent and university sides. His strong communication and interpersonal skills allow him to get efficient results.

Eduardo Guerreiro

International Relations